Massive Objects in Binary Stellar Evolution

MOBSE is a customized version of BSE (acronym for Binary Stellar Evolution Hurley et al. 2002). With respect to BSE, MOBSE is a population-synthesis code that includes some important upgrades for the evolution of massive stars both singles and in binary systems:

  • new treatment for the natal kicks velocities
  • up-to-date equations for metal-dependent stellar winds including the dependence on the Eddington factor
  • recent models for core-collapse and electron-capture supernovae (SNe)
  • prescriptions for pair-instability and pulsational-pair-instability SNe
  • updated formulas to compute the core radii
  • maximum initial mass up to 150 Msun

You can find more details about MOBSE in the following papers:

The source code of MOBSE is available at the gitlab repository.